group carnevale


As I said before, my first week in Ascoli was Carnevale! This is an Italian mix of Halloween and Mardi Gras and the two biggest days to celebrate were Sunday February 7th and Tuesday February 9th! It is a last big celebration before Lent begins and was so much fun! The entire town was out and about to celebrate with food and music in the main square.

Paper chandeliers hung from our main Piazza (Piazza de Popolo) and  confetti covered the ground almost everywhere you stepped.


They even have special desserts during this time which include fried ravioli filled with chocolate!! Everyone young and old dress up in masks of funny costumes to celebrate (I saw a man dressed as a maxi pad dancing with a Pirate). Anyway it was so much fun and there was music everywhere! Even though our small town does not rival the huge celebrations in Venice where everyone is wearing a mask and there are hired dancers in the piazzas, we still had a blast and celebrated all week long!! Carnevale is definitely a fun time to be in Italy and I definitely recommend it if you ever have the chance!!


mask selfie.jpg



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