front of gondolo and canal

Venice is a beautiful city full of mystery, romance, and adventure! Whether it is exploring the canals of Venice on a gondola and begging our gondolier to sing to us, getting our sandwiches stolen right our of our hands by seagulls in St. Marks Piazza, finding the Murano glass factory, or drinking the most amazing cappuccino of my life Venice was a weekend to remember!

The most alluring part of Venice is definitely the fact that all of the streets are canals with charming water taxis, boats that held pastry shops and vegetable markets on them, and no cars to be found! This in itself was an amazing part of Venice to experience.

Our first stop was exploring the corners of Venice, we popped into different shops full of Murano Glass and after a few wrong turns (resulting in multiple photo opportunities and a in prompt to visit to the Modern Art Museum) we finally made it to St. Marks Square! Dispite it being filled with people and annoying pigeons, the square and St. Mark’s Basilica was still breathtaking! Cover in gold and topped with four horses the Venetians stole from Rome to prove they had “Roman influence and strength” it was gorgeous. We entered the basilica and there was gold everywhere! My favorite part was going into the treasury and seeing all of the saint relics. We multiple bones, skulls, teeth, and even a shriveled up hand! Which was pretty nasty, but also kinda awesome.

Next we got sandwiches and decided how nice it would be to eat them outside by the Grand Canal. Let me tell you, it was a BIG mistake!! Only five minutes and two bites into our sandwich I heard a swooping sound, a small yelp, and the plopping sound of a sandwich landing in the canal. Then a woman behind me yell “OH NO HE DIDN’T” and a British woman begin crying laughing. I turned to Jess and asked, “whose sandwich was that?” She responded in between gasps of laughter, “that was mine!” Just as i started to burst out laughing, wouldn’t you know it, but a second seagull basically landed on my head and took my sandwich too! So learn for me and Jess’ mistake, if you do go to Venice DO NOT eat in St. Marks Square and DEFIANTLY not near the Grand Canal!

Our next adventure was going on a gondola ride with a Bulgarian couple!
They were both very nice and our gondoliers name was Claudio, we definitely got the funniest, most popular gondolier in Venice. Around every corner he would wave to (or make an obnoxious sound to try and embarrass) his fellow gondoliers! He was very informative and even pointed out the stairs James Bonde was filmed using during one of the movies! In spite of my efforts I did not get Claudio to sing to us, but it was a very enjoyable ride none the less! And I do think he whistled once or twice on our ride, I’ll take that as a win!


After our ride we headed towards the Murano Glass factory on the island of Venice (since we didn’t have time to make it to the actual island of Murano).
After getting past the intimidating guards at the door and in the main lobby we made it just in time to watch a glass blowing tutorial! He made a super cool pitcher with a detailed handle, it was awesome! Then I heard a song that always makes me think of Italy and literally ran through the streets until I found the source of the music! It was a man on a gondola with an accordion singing “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that amore!” and “Ciao Venenzia!” I felt very accomplished 🙂

After our shopping we explored the bridge and meet up with Jess’ friends for a delicious seafood dinner!! Venice in one day was not easy, but I definitely saw everything I wanted to and had an AMAZING day and topped it off by drinking the most amazing cappuccino of my life because it had cocoa powder on top and nutella on the bottom!!!!


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