amber in front of barcelona fountain

Ciudadela Park Lake Fountain

Barcelona, Spain was one of the most magical places I have ever visited. There was Spanish music being played around every corner, palm trees everywhere, and wonderful food!

Our first night in Barcelona we decided to go see the Magic Fountain show and it was spectacular! They times the fountain lights to music and the colors changes as the water in the fountain changed into different shapes and sizes! This huge fountain is amazing to see especially during one of the nights they have these shows (we went Saturday night).

The Cathedral of Barcelona
Inside of  Iglesia de Santa Maria del Mar







The next morning we went on a free tour all around Barcelona! Our exuberant tour guide had moved from the UK to Barcelona and fell in love with it. He did a great job telling us about the history of this amazing city and explaining all about the Catalonia culture. He brought us first to see ancient roman pillars, then to see a few of the lesser known churches (so a few churches besides Sangrada Familia). These included The Cathedral of Barcelona and Iglesia de Santa Maria del Mar. These were both two absolutely gorgeous churches.  The inside of the Iglesia de Santa Maria del Mar was stunning and a woman sung very eery, but breathtaking music from above everyone walking through the church on the organ. Outside of The Cathedral of Barcelona we saw some traditional Catalonian dancing! It make look easy, but in reality it is difficult! You hold hands with the people to either side of you creating a large circle. Then, depending on the rhythm in the song, you take a certain number of steps to the left or right and then change. It a mathematical dance, but looks like lots of fun!!

Church in Placa de Sant Felip Neri

After watching the dancers we went to one more church in Plaça de Sant Felip Neri this is a small, but adorable corner of Barcelona with a nice fountain and this peculiar church. Sadly this church has a bit of a dark past. As you  can see there is deterioration beside the door of the church in the picture on the left. These marks were caused by two bombings during a civil war and there were many casualties due to people hiding inside the church. Every city has it’s secrets, and even if it is upsetting I am so glad I had the opportunity to learn more about all different pieces of Barcelona’s History. On a happier note there is apparently an awesome cafe in Hotel Neri, right near this church, where you can drink your coffee in hammocks! The sangria in Barcelona was also fantastic, I would definitely recommend it!

After our tour ended we went to see the Arc de Triomf and walk through Ciudadela Park to see this amazing fountain! It has a gold chariot on top of it with a white body and stone dragons spitting water in front of it (pictured above). Another part of Barcelona I loved was the music around every corner. I already mentioned the Catalonian dancing, but also there were people playing music around the churches and in the park! There were lots of people dancing to spanish music in the gazebo by the fountain and an adorable couple dancing in front of it! There is so much life and passion in Spain, I absolutely loved it! 

After the park we made our way down to the beach and had a wonderful lunch overlooking the ocean!

The next day we ate sandwiches at Bo de Bs which is this amazing Panini place. Then we did some shopping near Catalunya on a street with lots of tourist booths called La Rambla which had lots of cute shops off on the side streets and a food market! After that we made our way back up the street to see some of Gaudi’s architecture which was very unique, but beautiful!!!
The next day we had two big places to check of our list: Parc Guell and Sagrada Familia! Parc Guell was awesome and much more like a park then I remember seeing in the Cheetah Girls movie. The gorgeous designs of the benches were one thing, but the actual park itself was beautiful too! There were gorgeous trees and the winding paths to follow and look outs that were based of Gaudi’s architecture. There were covers to hid out from rain under hat were held up by columns that also looked like they were based of Gaudi’s art. When we got into the particular part of the park that really revolved around Gaudi it was breathtaking. All of the colors and interesting shapes were so cool to look at! The benches curves and looked as if they were filled with colorful shapes, like a sort of mosaic pattern. Then as you walk down stairs you find the famous lizard that’s based of Gaudi’s art and even the gift shop keeps the theme! It was gorgeous!

Our final stop was Sagrada Familia, the church that has been unfinished for 1000 years (but finally has a date to be finished by 2026!). This was yet another stunning example of Gaudi’s work. You can absolutely see his design come through on Sagrada Familia. It was huge, beautiful, and fits Barcelona perfectly. Overall I loved the calm, easy going feel, its fun architecture, and the liveliness of Barcelona!


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