Amalfi Coast

glue gorotto.jpgThe first stop on our Amalfi Coast tour was the island of Capri! This island south of Naples is absolutely gorgeous and home to one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, the blue grotto (grotta azzurra)! In order to enter the blue grotto you need to take a ferry around the island and get into to tiny boats that can only fit five people (including the man steering you boat). Then they bring you to a tiny cave opening grab the chain on the other side of the grotto and pull you through!


The water is a beautiful electric blue color once you enter the cave because it is surround by rock and has rock beneath it instead of sand! After this amazing experience we went on a boat tour of the island. The blue grotto is only one of the grotto’s of Capri. There is also the green and white grottoes. The green is known for its green color and the white is known for its stalagmite and stalactites. There’s even one inside the cave that looks like the Virgin Mary!

The island is also surrounded by fire coral and the structure of the island is beautiful. Its all rock with green trees atop it. Steven Spielberg actually based the scenery of Jurassic Park off of this island! The Dolce & Gabbana love rocks are there aswell!


Then we explored the island, saw absolutely amazing views, and got amazing drinks called a Granita made with lemon and blood oranges! Then we saw a man making home made sandals and jewelry made out of the fire coral. After we took a lift to the very top of the island and saw beautiful views!

  The next day we headed to the black sand beached of Positano! This is a gorgeous town with colorful houses that kinda looks like legos build onto the side of the island!

The black sand beaches are made from volcanic ash and the water is a beautiful blue! The beach is also covered in sea glass which is really cool!! We ate at this amazing sandwich place called Vini and Panini and they give you HUGE sandwiches! They are known for their ceramics and it was definitely a great place to visit!

Our last day we visited the ancient ruins of Pompeii! We saw the old Forum, the main town piazza, old homes, bath houses, fountains, ovens, and even brothels. There were lots of old ruins and I learned a lot about the culture in that time. Something that was really interesting about the bath houses was how they heated them! Ovens in the basement act as furnaces and the heated steam rises through a space that was created between the walls. So really its like there are two walls next to each other and heat rising in between them. This was a wonderful trip and I would definitely recommend it!


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