Munich, Germany – Springfest!

Springfest is a the smaller version of Octoberfest which is a large beer festival in Munich, Germany! We started our day Friday by walking into the center of Munich called Marienplatz to by dirndls (traditional German dress) to wear to the festival! Mine was black with blue flowers and laced up the front with a blue ribbon. Then we headed to the festival. It was very similar to a carnival with lots of rides like a haunted house and ferris wheel. The food was amazing! German food in general is spectacular, at the carnival they had chocolate covered fruit, sausage, soft pretzels as big as your face, and beer of course!

The next day we headed straight to the fair and the beer tents! These large halls are crowded full of people holding one liter steins and singing about either soccer or “prosting”. They have a song about prosting which is the german version of cheers. We ate pretzels drank and sang along with the German folk band! After calling it an early night I woke up the next morning and explored the main center or Munich, Marienplatz, again. I at breakfast at a cafe and had an amazing pretzel with chive cream cheese in the middle! Overall it was definitely a fun weekend!

group springfest.jpg


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